Tracking down Levi Strauss

Home cooking meets global culture – a trip back in time to get to know the inventor of the world’s most famous jeans, plus traditional Franconian cuisine.

Did you know that the inventor of the much-loved Levi’s jeans came from our region, spending the first 18 years of his life in Buttenheim in Upper Franconia? Visit the Levi Strauss Museum, located in the house of his birth, before returning for a three-course menu of regional specialities with us in the evening.

  • 2 nights’ accommodation with a hearty breakfast
  • Entry to the Levi Strauss Museum in Buttenheim
  • Three-course menu (2 nights) with aperitif

Available all year round

per person in single room
170,00 Euro
per person in double room
135,00 Euro
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Bring the story of beer to life against a historical backdrop, with an excursion into the world of liquid gold and a beer-lovers’ menu to end the day. All in the best Franconian taste.

The Brewery Museum of Franconia was created in the historic brewing city of Bamberg out of a love for brewing tradition. Discover the history of beer in the 900 m² museum with its 1,400 exhibits, located in the glorious vaults of the former Benedictine abbey brewery. As a reward for your studies, taste some typically Franconian specialities from our kitchen.

  • 2 nights’ accommodation with a hearty breakfast
  • Brewery tour followed by a beer tasting session and Franconian snacks
  • 1 three-course beer menu
  • Entry to the Brewery Museum of Franconia in Bamberg

Available from April to October

per person in single room
170,00 Euro
per person in double room
135,00 Euro
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What’s good for the goose!

Experience a very special evening in our calendar

Every year on St Martin’s Day we eat goose.

Join us on 11 November for a great evening with 1/4 goose, served with red cabbage, savoy cabbage and dumplings, washed down with a strong bock beer.

Then spend the night in our Land.Quartier hotel.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

per person in single room
95,00 Euro
per person in double room
78,00 Euro
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Beer workshops

Your own personal beer workshop with the region’s hidden stars. Everything you ever wanted to know about brewing, in the form of a tasting session with selected seasonal specials and speciality beers along with hearty masterpieces from the kitchen.

  • 1 beer tasting with three-course menu
  • 1 night’s accommodation with buffet breakfast

Available all year round, arriving Monday, Wednesday or Thursday

per person in single room
95,00 Euro
per person in double room
78,00 Euro
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Franconia from above

Scale new heights with a marvellous view of our home region, with a tour in a glider, including three-course menu and pilot’s dessert.

Moments of solitude above Franconian Switzerland. Your personal flight of discovery gets off the ground at the Feuerstein aerodrome. Get a taste for the very special world of amateur flight and round the day off with a “pilot’s dessert”.

  • Three-course menu (1 night) on day of arrival
  • Flight (glider or small aircraft) from the Feuerstein aerodrome
  • Main course from our evening à la carte menu (1 night) with “pilot’s dessert”
  • 2 nights’ accommodation with a hearty breakfast

If your flight has to be cancelled due to weather conditions, we will naturally reimburse the cost of this element.210.00

Available from May to October

per person in single room
245,00 Euro
per person in double room
210,00 Euro
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Around Weigelshofen

Explore our glorious landscape surrounding the village of Weigelshofen on foot. Customised to every taste.

  • 2 nights’ accommodation with a hearty breakfast 
  • 2 three-course menus each evening
  • A map of local walks with selected suggestions just for you

Available all year around for arrivals throughout the week except Monday or Tuesday

per person in single room
165,00 Euro
per person in double room
140,00 Euro
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Single room
Double room

Annual program

January 2021

We will be on our annual break from 11 January to 5 February 2021.

February 2021

We hope that we can gradually get back to work. We already have lots of new ideas.

March 2021


Sadly, this year’s Josefimarkt has been cancelled, but we’re sure we will come up with something – we can’t wait!

April 2021

21 April – Day of Beer

May 2021

All about the asparagus!

Fresh asparagus from Poxdorf each day, served in a variety of ways.

July 2021

The month for our summer festivities

Let us see what this year allows! 

Last year’s “Sommerfest Light” was a complete success, if a little different!

August 2021

We will NOT be taking a summer break this year from 30 August to 17 September 2021.

After being forced to stay closed for so long, we will not be closing again over the summer.

September 2021

Carp season begins

It’s finally here again. From 18 September we can once again sample tasty Franconian carp dishes.

October 2021

Tapping the bock, with a twist

We hope to be able to introduce new, dark winter bock beer in 2021 with an appropriate level of festivities.
Fantastic entertainment and excellent food.

November 2021

11 November Martin Goose Feast!

A quarter of goose, served with red cabbage, savoy cabbage and dumplings.

December 2021 – we look forward to seeing you again!

Wall-to-wall goose, Christmas party and New Year’s Eve menu

  • We will be roasting whole goose with all the trimmings. red cabbage, savoy cabbage and dumplings
  • For four people
  • Are you planning your Christmas party? Our function room can accommodate up to 40 people.
  • A civilised New Year’s Eve – let us serve you a four-course meal in a sophisticated and relaxing setting.